Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Golf Balls Aloud!!

I have one pet peeve that I never thought would go away until finally a few weeks ago!!!  You see when you are running to the potty, always usually waiting until the very last minute because there is something more important to do, and you lift the lid to find someone left you a pretty clogged site....UHG...FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!  Then I have to run upstairs...well and hope I still have it in me to hold it!!!  (I guess the people who bought this house were pretty smart in putting another toilet 20 feet away, unfortunatley we took that one out!!)   Our toilet downstairs seemed to clog even if someone just looked at it.  I have been complaining for years, but finally took a more will I unclog it!  For the last few months it has been Chris's job!  Well I am hear to tell you it finally got on his nerves!  We have a brand new mother load suction toilet...Yee Haw!  The only problem I have is that how powerful it is suppose to be!  You see my husband was so proud that he had researched this toilet that he had to brag to the boys that it is so powerfull that it will flush down a bucket of golf balls!  Oh my goodness how their eyes lit up and the brain was a thinking...hello did you really just tell them that????   Really, really Chris...let's just put the bucket of balls in their hands!  Yes, I did pop in to say "...and NEVER do we want to try dumping golf balls in the toilet to see if every single one will flush!!!"   I really hope I don't have to post a No Golf Balls Aloud post #2!!!!  Wish me luck!